Medical marijuana has been around for centuries however it is the most abused herb to get intoxicated and is the most widely use recreational drugs. Due to this reason, legalization of marijuana even for medical purpose has been much debated and many people are against it. However, marijuana has been proven to have medicinal properties and it was use as medicinal herb since the ancient times.

marijuana edibles recipesThe benefits of marijuana’s healing properties are becoming more visible and many patients have benefitted from it as well. However, as the most common form of using marijuana is smoking, patients who are not fond of smoking have found other ways to ingest marijuana. Weed brownies are popular party drugs and is also popular amongst weed users for medicinal purpose. It is tasty and easy to ingest. You can also use fresh marijuana leaves and mix in a batter and fry them as light snacks. There are many other creative ways to make edible weed recipes.

The best and easiest marijuana recipe is firecracker recipe. Firecracker recipe is now most sought after edible weed recipe by weed users. It is easy to gather the ingredients and simple to make. The ingredients are cracker, peanut butter or hazel nut spread and weed. The ingredient can be easily bought from grocery stores and easily assembled for baking. You simple spread the peanut butter on the cracker and sprinkle chopped marijuana leaves or buds, cover in a foil and bake for 20 minutes. You can search online for firecracker recipe for detailed instructions.

No matter what edible weed recipe you choose, you should make sure that it is tasty and the weed can be easily ingested. However, keep in mind that since marijuana is fat soluble; the THC level will increase if you use oily ingredients. You should choose spread which is oily to bring out more THC and reduce the quantity of weed used.