ILGA Well Known For Mole vetro

The attributes of rubber such as highly waterproof, a big stretch ratio and high resilience makes it a really of good use substance which can be used to get a wide selection of applications either alone or in combination with other components. Approximately 60 % of the worldwide usage of rubber is due to to the tire producing industry. The remaining rubber consumption is utilized to manufacture an extensive variety of products for example rubber boots, rubber mulch, rubber bands, and much more. An approximate 4-million tons of normal rubber and 7 million tons of synthetic rubber are created to make more than 50,000 different items for daily use.

The rubber market continues to be flourishing in the last few decades. It has resulted in the prosperity of the business and has become an excellent product of globalisation throughout the globe because of the blurring of boundaries that are economic. Rubber processing and articoli tecnici in gomma h-AS been present in the society as an extremely viable form of occupation since an extremely long time. Science and technology have modified rubber to fit different benefits and is an inseparable part of the transmogrification of the rubber market.

stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma

ILGA is a business which specializes in stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma and rubber processing . ILGA has established itself immediately as a a pacesetter in the field of manufacturing and molding articoli tecnici ever since it had been founded in 1946. Having an experience of more than 70 70 years in the market, ILGA is offering versatility, professionalism, knowledge and assistance from the beginning of an undertaking before the realization of articoli tecnici in gomma is is completed.

In the manufacturing of rubber compounds ILGA carry out verification and accurate process control to ensure uniformity and consistency of supply and use auxiliary and excellent quality elastomers.

ILGA are at the service of many large industrial companies such as in the textile equipment sectors, mechanical and plant. It deals with all the manufacturing of stampaggio articoli tecnici in gomma utilizing diverse kinds of polymers, together with the possibility of insertions that are metallic and textile or with rubber- steel bonding and rubber -fabric.

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