Important factors when selecting wedding venues in North Brisbane

For the residents, Brisbane offers a good number of options when it comes to wedding venues. There are venues situated in the every part of the city offering different features. The only challenge is to end up choosing the one ideal location which will be able to accommodate the guests sufficiently and to make the event a day to be cherished.

In places like the Northern parts of Brisbane, wedding venues vary from the quaint to the spacious, public, outdoor and indoor, and natural settings. To help with the decision there are some obvious choices which can assist in selecting the right venue.

One of the most important factors when selecting wedding venues in North Brisbane is whether the venue in consideration will be able to hold both the ceremony as well as the reception. This is important because using the same location can help save on total costs. It will also be beneficial to find out if the cost of the venue includes the cost of catering as well. Some people like to use their own catering services and this should also be inquired if necessary.


Parking is another very vital aspect when searching for a wedding venue. It will be necessary to find out if the venue offers ample parking spaces within its premises. Also, asking the staff in charge of the venue about any other events being hosted prior to or after the wedding date can be included among the important factors when selecting wedding venue brisbane north side. This is essential especially in cases when setting up and decorating are to be done by the couple’s friends and family.

There are some venues which also offer the services of wedding planners or event coordinators to ensure that everything is carried out smoothly. If need may be, it will be another good feature to take advantage of other than hiring independent planners.



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