The SIMAD University is considered one of the finest in Somalia. Its quality of education mirrors its motto “the foundation of knowledge and wisdom”. With a variety of subjects and courses that are available the SIMAD Universityleaves no stone unturnedin its quest to impart the best and finest education to its pupils. Currently there is more than three thousand student enrolled at the SIMAD University which is a big feat for the university as it is only some years younger as compared to other universities.

The SIMAD University aims to become one of the major leading Centres for academic and professional excellence and virtue. The SIMAD University possess all the finest qualities that a university should have. The students and its faculty members and administrators enjoy the ambiance of the classroom and the university. This kind of environment provides and guarantees better learning in a good mental state of mind.

The programmes and varieties of subject study that are incorporated from time to time also help the students to broaden their field of study. The university is installed with world class facilities that  increases the students learning potential by giving them plenty of opportunity to experiment and explore and make wise use of the advanced technology that are made available to them.

The university philosophy is based on the moral teachings and values of the Islamic civilization which dictates commitment and usefulness of a person to contribute towards a peaceful community. Nevertheless, personal believes and religion of an individual is supported and encouraged at SIMAD University. Every student has the right to practise their own religion and express themselves. The university aims to impart the kind of knowledge that is not just in classrooms but even outside the classroom and among students that can fostered for a lifetime.

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