The evolution of the darknet market


Long before the introduction of e-commerce and online buying and selling of goods, buying and selling of drugs existed. This illegal buying and selling of drugs existed since the ARPANET. This illegal buying and selling of illegal products and services have gradually led to the modern day’s darknet markets. Just as it is always easier and more convenient to shop online, it is much safer, easier and simpler to shop and buy illegal goods and services online. Hence the darknet markets have been gaining popularity among the people ever since its inception.

The darknet markets cannot be accessed using the usual browser. The darknet markets are hidden beneath the surface web and can be accessed only by the darknet surfers. The URLs of the darknet websites usually makes no sense with letters and numbers all jumbled up together. The URLs end with .onion and the most popular browser made to access the darknet is called TOR. Though it may sound tech savvy, it actually does not require any special tech knowledge to access the darknet. All that needs to be done is to install the TOR browser.

The predecessor of the darknet markets was known as the ‘Silk Road’. In the Silk Road market, every illegal item was made available to the people. Buying and selling of illegal products and services became easier and simpler and safer. However, the Silk Road market was closed after it was caught. But that was just a beginning of a stronger, safer and deeper darknet market.

The modern day darknet markets are the ultimate markets of all illegal products and services. In order to facilitate safety measures of its users, the darknet surfers are anonymous. In the darknet markets, every surfer is anonymous. Even the website publishers are anonymous. In the darknet markets, the location of the surfers cannot be traced,

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